Tribute to David

December 2, 2010

Edvard Munch, Toward the Forest I

There is simply no way in which the words here can ever adequately do justice to all that was David Fleming.

A true luminary, David was a brilliant, insightful, endlessly humble and kind man who touched hearts everywhere he went, leaving behind him a flock of inspired souls with a fervent desire to do more for our world. Shaun’s heartfelt post reflects David’s spirit and love wonderfully; a beautiful relationship I was fortunate enough to witness.

Here is a small collection of images that are special to me and remind me of the man who inspired me to carry on working on this journal; who always made me feel like the most wonderful being in the entire world, even when I knew I was falling short. A true gentleman, an irreplaceable loss.

David Fleming, 2010

Two poppies at Sunset with David Fleming 2009

Miriam MacGregor November (Apple Tree) 1997

RIP David Fleming, May your light shine on always.

Edvard Munch, ‘Toward the Forest I’, color woodcut, 1857/1915
David Fleming, Richmond Park, 2010
Two poppies at sunset, 2009
Miriam MacGregor, ‘November, (Apple Tree)’, woodcut, 1997

Please send or let me know of any images, artwork, poetry e.t.c. which are special to you in memory of David and I will add them here. For me, I shall be adding many more.


Tithe Farm, 1987, Courtesy Biff Vernon

David Fleming and Shaun Chamberlin, Kew Gardens, 2009, Maria Elvorith

Sutton-on-Sea 2010, Courtesy Biff Vernon

David Fleming, June 2010, Courtesy Sarah Nicholl

In the field, 2010, Courtesy Sarah Nicholl

Tithe Farm, 1987, Courtesy Biff Vernon
David Fleming with Shaun Chamberlin, Kew, 2009
Sutton-on-Sea, 2010, Courtesy Biff Vernon
June 2010, Courtesy Sarah Nicholl
June 2010, Courtesy Sarah Nicholl

3 Responses to “Tribute to David”

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  2. Thanks for this beautiful tribute – I look forward to seeing it evolve.

    Have sent you a few photos xx

  3. Biff Vernon Says:

    Pictures from David’s funeral in Amsterdam at

    Get in touch if you wish to know more.

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